food art painting of chili peppers for soups and chili recipesIf you love chili... you're going to be amazed at the vast number of savory
recipes for it in this ebook. You'll find MANY different versions of chili... chili
with beans, and without... chili with all kinds of meats, and without... all taste
tested variations, some complex, others not, on the flavor of chili many crave,
especially in Autumn and Winter. If you compete in chili competitions, likely
you don't need this ebook. But if not... these are chili recipes you'll want to try.

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Chili You'll be Proud to Serve Your Family and Friends...

       With one-hundred-eighty chili recipes to try, you'll find a wide
variety of selection in these tasty special concoctions for Chili Lovers...
everything from classic recipes, to restaurant and chili 'cook-off' winners.
You'll discover recipes for chili using wild game such as venison, varieties
that use seafood, beanless creations (which as any Texan will tell you is
the 'only' way to make chili) and those with beans. There's 'quick' chili,
and LOTS of slow cooking, thick, chili (the favorites of most).

      In fact, these are terrific recipes for virtually any chili-maker, from
the cautious beginner who wants to be sure of success by following the right
'formula', to the more adventurous... who'll be inspired by savory variations,
some of which are rather complex (but delicious).

      You more 'creative' chili-lovers can 'springboard' from the vast array
of taste-tested recipes, and perhaps will create your own unique variety of
a classic "Bowl-of-Red".

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