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Chili Recipes!

If you were 'raised' on chili - you probably grew up thinking there's only one "right" way to make it. Well.... guess what?

There are more ideas of ways you can make tasty chili for you, and your family, than anyone can reasonably ever want to try.... hundreds of them, in fact... with mouth watering recipes ranging from the very mild to the extremely HOT and spicy!

Many of the very best (a hundred and eighty of them!) have been included in this ebook, and this gives you a bounty of excellent chili recipes to choose from.

A good batch of chili can be the heart of many of your family's favorite meals. Few dinners satisfy more than a steaming hot bowl of chili on a cold autumn or winter day.

It not only tantalizes the taste buds, it warms your body from the inside out. Plus... like cost saving, nutritious, soups... chili may also be a welcome treat anytime of the year, and used to 'stretch the family food budget' (especially when you take advantage of the hearty vegetarian chili recipes you'll find in this unique ebook).

Most just continue to make chili about the same way every time - the way their moms taught them. This book can open your eyes to the incredible varieties of chili recipes. While your 'tried and true' favorite may remain close to your heart, with this ebook you can quickly, and easily, select from 'other' savory recipes...

Chili with Beans

Chili with No Beans

Traditional "Texas" Chili Recipes

Vegetarian Chili Recipes

Chili with Tomatoes

Chili with No Tomatoes

Red HOT Chili

Milder Chili ... and more!

Inside you'll find...

Award-winning Chili Recipes

Classic Chili Recipes

Famous Restaurant Chili Recipes

Chili Recipes for two, four, eight, twelve, sixteen, twenty, and more...

To make this unique ebook pleasing to your eye and brain (as well as to your palate), you'll find stunning food-art work included for you, both within the recipe sections, and in a special 'art gallery'... the beautiful, extremely colorful, custom created expressly for this ebook, paintings of Li Zhang.

You'll find one of them on its cover, and you've probably noticed her artwork gracing many of the pages of this website (especially you'll want to visit, and enjoy, her gallery of beautiful, extremely colorful food-art paintings displayed here ( Li Zhang's food paintings help transform the ebook into an exciting visual adventure you'll discover will be a joy to own and read. But that's not all...

You'll find special technology employed in your ebook... likely turning it into the easiest recipe book you've ever used.

The 'table of contents page' is the 2nd one in the ebook - and everything there is "hot-linked"... You simply 'click on' the recipe, tip, etc, you want, and... you are whisked directly to it, so... there's no more endless scrolling to the page you're seeking.

On the left of the book, you'll find a "Bookmarks" tab. Open this and you'll find an immediate link back to your table of contents, plus to other selected pages in your ebook. You can quickly and easily jump from 'place to place' in your ebook using bookmarks.

Every chili recipe is designed so it prints out on a single page. Although several soup recipes are on one page, none of them continues onto another page. You can print any recipe page as many times as you want (for personal use, of course). Think what this can do for you... for instance...

  • Put your favorites in a 3-ring binder so they are easy to access and use again and again.
  • Are your guests raving about your soup? Now it's easy to print off a recipe for them.
  • Spill something on your recipe? No problem. Simply print off a fresh copy and you're good to go.

All recipes list their ingredients separately... making it easy for you to add just what you need to your next food shopping list.


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