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...the entire recipe book uses highly pleasing colors to the eye and brain. Also... its type is well-spaced and set in a font style and size to minimize eye-strain, making everything easy for you to read and use.

Your Savory Chili and Special Soups Recipes ebook comes in "Adobe Reader" format. This means when you open it on any computer having the free "Adobe Reader" software installed... you can use many of Adobe's cutting edge features to make your browsing much easier, and faster.... such as...

One button printing - click on the printer icon - print the current page and Print!

Use Adobe's powerful search feature to save you time. For instance, if you happen to be 'overflowing' in cabbage... you can search for all recipes with "cabbage" in them, and have all the available recipes at your fingertips.

Or take advantage of Adobe's mighty zoom and resizing controls to adapt pages to your specific viewing needs.

You may well find yourself eating more healthy soups and chili than ever... simply because this recipe book is a delight to use!

You can purchase this entire value laden ebook collection containing over 275 Soup and Chili Recipes (and more)... for $14.95. There's also a Kindle-book version available on (it's priced even lower .. and with IT you get 'everything' MINUS Li Zhang's food art gallery of 'large-sized' images).

And... you'll have a plethora of Soup and Savory Chili Recipes at your fingertips, enabling you to serve tasty, healthy, and economical meals to your family and guests, again, and again, and again!

With this many carefully chosen recipes in your easy to use Soup and Chili Recipe ebook - it 'works out' to about 5 1/2 cents per recipe for you.

There's no need go online - sift through endless ads, videos and other static to get to your favorite recipes.

All recipes are formatted for easy printing with fonts designed to go easy on your eyes. And, with Li Zhang's extremely colorful custom paintings (like the one below) included, it's a very special two-hundred-forty-two (242) page, value-packed, e-cookbook for soups and chili created for your reading enjoyment.

e-book-cover for soups and chili recipes website soups and chili e-cookbook displaying a stunning food art painting of Li Zhang and titled You can... Serve Chili, and Soups to Your Familiy and Guests Recipes and Tips ... Your Key to Healthly Eating... and Stretching Your Food Budget

Your $14.95 investment can pay off quickly with the savings on your food budget, plus... enable you to save time in planning wholesome meals for your family.

By now, you're likely 'realizing'...

This isn't "just another recipe ebook". Its unique design features makes this a cost saving, 'Super' Soup and Chili Recipes ebook, an easy one to browse and use. You'll be wise to order it, and begin a 'new adventure' you and your family will enjoy!

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