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   Thank you for being willing to overlook my not giving you my last name.  
There are just TOO many 'spammers out there', who 'skim' websites like
this, and then use the information to create massive data bases for their
obnoxious 'junk mailings' :-( .

   Let me here recommend something for you.  There is an excellent (and
unfortunately not well known) source of weather information you'll find to
be well worth your time to explore (as you'll learn later on this page...
I'm a retired National Weather Service Meteorologist)...  

    If you take this path: ... to jump to the AWARD
WINNING HOME PAGE of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), you'll find numerous special links on that site taking you to virtually any weather information you can imagine... throughout the world, and across all dimensions! If you live in the United States, you can simply enter your zip code in the box provided for you there (on the left of your screen) to get very rapid, comprehensive, weather information at that specific location, plus the very latest weather radar, satellite data, potentially lifesaving
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Here's a bit of my personal info: Eds pix for soup and chili recipe site Ed (President, Trum Metchi & Associates) My life has sort of revolved around the 4 M's .. Music, Math, Meteorology, Marketing, with hobbies in the Martial Arts (a 5th M)... Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Tang Soo Do, Aikido, and Shorei-Ryu. Other hobbies include Chess, and Dogs (Samoyed and Tervuren). I'm semi-retired, after serving for 30+ years as a Meteorologist in the US AIR FORCE and National Weather Service. In 1990, it was my fortune to became one of Jay Abraham's original Protégés, and I've been personally trained in marketing by Jay and other mentors. This website ( is one of 'several' I've created for sales of various products on the Internet over the years. I'm hoping you'll enjoy your visit here at, find this to be a 'restful' site for your eyes, and brain [and perhaps even decide to place an order ;-) ]. Very sincerely, --Ed Cost Saving Soups and Chili Recipes site Home Page